The Next Windows 11 Update will introduce support for Android Apps

Windows 11 Update will introduce support for Android Apps in February
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Microsoft has highlighted the next major upgrade for Windows 11, which includes the addition of Android applications to the operating system starting next month. If you’ve been following the development of Windows 11, you’ll be aware that support for native Android applications was first made available in testing for Windows Insiders (in the United States) back in October of 2021. A public peek indicates that Windows 11 has progressed to the final release version, but considering that it is still in beta form, there may be some flaws to be discovered.


Microsoft is planning its first big Windows 11 upgrade in February

Microsoft has announced the official launch of Android applications on Windows 11, which will be released in the coming weeks.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer (Windows + Devices), revealed all of the facts in a blog post on the company’s website. The construction is completed earlier than the previously scheduled completion date of mid-2022. The introduction of support for Android applications is one of the most anticipated improvements, which will be included with many UI adjustments, optimizations, and features. The taskbar will be modified, Notepad, Groove App and Media Player applications will be upgraded to the latest versions.


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Android Applications may be run from within Windows

The ability to run Android applications from within Windows is a significant advancement. Despite the fact that Chrome OS and macOS already support the capability, Microsoft’s announcement that it will be adding support was a pleasant surprise. Android app support is already accessible through the insider channel, but the public preview is a significant step forward on the way to an official release of the software. Microsoft plans to release a public preview of its Android applications for Windows 11 in February, according to the company.

Android apps were one of the most anticipated new features for Windows 11, but they were, unfortunately, didn’t turn up at launch (in fact, when they did not show in subsequent testing rounds prior to release, it was quickly apparent that they would not be available for the official launch). After all, it’s better late than never, and it’s still amazing to be able to run native Android apps on the Windows 11 desktop – even if the programs are restricted to those available via the Amazon App Store (via the Microsoft Store).

Interestingly, Google is working on an app that will allow you to play both emulated and native Android games on your PC, which is rather interesting, to say the least.

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The new version of Notepad is Available

After being released to users in the Windows Insider community in October of last year, the Groove Music app and Notepad will also be updated to new versions. The new Groove Music will be renamed Media Player with an improved panel interface. and bringing the ability to be a video player from the original that only supported music playback

The Notepad and Groove Music app, both of which have been available to members of the Windows Insider group since October of last year, will also be updated to new versions of their respective operating systems.

Similarly to Windows 11, Notepad has undergone a design change to make it more contemporary and compatible with the same design language. In addition. The Find and Replace tool has been enhanced to make it easier to use, and the Undo function invoked by pressing Ctrl + Z may now be reversed. There is also a Dark mode available in the app.

The new taskbar Weather Widget

Another noteworthy change is that the weather widget on the taskbar has been relocated to the left side of the screen. On the right side, there is a new microphone control button that has been added. To switch on or off the microphone quickly, press the button. There is no need to touch the button in the application.

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The Windows update will add a simple taskbar option that will allow you to share your screen with distant users, which will be particularly useful in light of the proliferation of work from home applications such as Slack and Zoom, as well as Microsoft’s own Teams app.


Source : Microsoft’s blog

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