7 Best Unknown Mobile Phone Number Tracker Apps for Android & iOS 2022

Mobile Phone Number Tracker Apps
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Have you ever been contacted or received an SMS message from an unknown number?
It may be reasonable if it occurs once or twice, but it will almost certainly cause you to discomfort if it happens frequently. There is a possibility that this is the work of a telemarketer attempting to obtain your personal information. If you want to end it, you can immediately block it or ignore it.


Best Android & iOS Apps to Track Unknown Mobile Phone Number

You won’t learn anything about the current whereabouts of an unknown phone number like that through a simple reverse phone lookup. In order to detect calls with caller IDs that you haven’t seen before on your smartphone, you’ll need an app that can assist you. Unwanted calls can now be traced back to a specific location with the help of this feature.
There are a number of free mobile number tracker apps available for Android and iOS devices. You can monitor a cell phone number from anywhere in the world, despite their limited capabilities. Using the best phone number tracker app here can help you to find where an unwanted call came or is coming from. Whether you need to keep an eye on an employee or a loved one, there’s a mobile number tracker app that’s perfect for your needs.
The good news is that if you’re curious, you can locate the culprit using one of the suggested mobile phone number tracking applications.

The following is a list of several mobile number tracking applications that can identify the identity of a phone call whose number is not recorded in the cell phone contact.


The Best Mobile Phone Number Tracker Apps 2022

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is a mobile number tracking application developed in Sweden. This App is available to users of both Android and iOS operating systems. This program is available for free download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - TrueCaller
photo credit : Play Store Google

This App is quite popular among Android and iOS users. In addition to searching for names from unknown numbers, this application can also block calls and SMS. It also has a large database because its active users are now recorded at more than 250 million people worldwide.
You can then find out the identity of the owner of the number by checking the Truecaller database. The information in the database is derived from telephone number information provided by prior users who have agreed to share their information or by others who have reported it as spam, etc.
TrueCaller includes a tool that connects to a global database of phone number contacts, allowing users to track down unknown phone numbers. You don’t even need to upload contacts from your cellphone to the internet in order to take advantage of this feature. Even if you don’t save the phone number of the person who phoned you, you can still find out who it was who called you.
If the number contacting is identified as spam, this application will display a red colour, which means the number is dangerous. If an unknown phone number reaches you, you can block the phone number immediately, so it doesn’t bother you.
Are you also often bothered by telephone offers from product telemarketing? Yes, you have the option of removing the phone number from your contacts list too.

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2. GetContact

GetContact is a reputable program for tracking mobile numbers that you may use to keep track of your contacts. The application is compatible with smartphones running on Android, iPhone, and Huawei platforms.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - GetContact
photo credit : Play Store Google

Before you can use the GetContact application, you will be asked if you agree to allow the contact database to be shared. Yes, the HP number data in this application is based on a collection of user databases. The more users, the bigger the GetContact database. GetContact itself claims that the application has already been downloaded by more than 150 million people worldwide.

You can search for mysterious cellphone numbers directly using GetContact. The name of the owner of the cellphone number can be found on GetContact if there are other GetContact users who have also stored the same phone number. A telemarketer number can also be found immediately, as long as it is stored in other user databases.

This mobile number tracking application is able to filter out foreign numbers while blocking numbers suspected of being spam.

It’s interesting to note that you may find out what names are kept in the form of #tags by searching for them. Just for fun, try searching for your own cellphone number and seeing what #tag name is used to store your phone number in the database.

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GetContact itself can actually be used for free. However, its use is quite limited. The number of cellphone numbers sought is not as much as the premium or paid versions. GetContact has a database that can reveal the identity of the owner of the number that frequently contacts the user. You will need to subscribe in order to use all of the features, but you can take advantage of some of them for free.

To take full advantage of GetContact, you only need to pay up to $3 per month. With this price, you will be able to search for cellphone numbers up to 300, monthly limit to view tags as much as 40, use the service without being interrupted by advertisements, and find out who has seen your tag.


3. Whoscall

The next unknown phone number tracking App, called Whoscall, was made by Gogolook. This app service is already available for people who use Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - Whoscall
photo credit : Play Store Google

Whoscall has a feature that automatically tells you who the caller is by looking at databases from all over the world. Unfortunately, since its launch in Taiwan, the service coverage of this application has only spread to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Brazil. The Whoscall App automatically shows the name and notes of the person who owns the foreign number based on other users’ records. If the foreign number is spam, then you can immediately block or reject the call. Naver has owned it since 2013. Since then, this App has been the same colour as the LINE Chat App.


4. Showcaller

Showcaller is one of the most widely used cell phone number tracking apps. This application can identify foreign phone numbers, display the identity of the perpetrator, and show where the perpetrator is.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - Showcaller
photo credit : Play Store Google

Apart from showing the name of the owner of a foreign number, this program also displays the precise location of the caller as well as any remarks that have been previously given to the number that is being monitored.
The comment was made by someone else who had been contacted by a foreign number before. If the foreign number is flagged as fraudulent or spam, the system can instantly block it, preventing future calls from being received.


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5. Hiya

The next mobile number tracking application is Hiya, formerly known as Whitepages Caller ID, before being renamed. After changing its name, Hiya now offers a more useful function than it did previously, particularly the ability to block incoming calls and spam SMS from international numbers.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - Hiya
photo credit : Play Store Google

Hiya application is able to block incoming calls and spam SMS from foreign numbers. If the number owner manages to hide the number, Hiya is still capable of determining whether the number contains spam, viruses, malware, adware, or spyware.


6. TelGuarder

TelGuarder is a cell phone number tracking App that can track and block the types of numbers that are considered spam or viruses from getting in touch with your phone.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - TelGuarder
photo credit : Play Store Google

TelGuarder has a feature to track the identity of a foreign number calling you or your partner too. Users can also report foreign numbers that they find disturbing, as well as leave comments so other users can find out. When you leave a comment on this App, it will be added to the TelGuarder database.


7. Tellows – Caller ID & Block

Tellows – Caller ID & Block is a mobile number tracking application that offers more features than other mobile number tracking applications. There is a function in this App that allows users to obtain information about the caller, such as his or her name, address, and location.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - Tellows
photo credit : Play Store Google

Not only that, but users can also find out why the owner of the phone number has contacted us. Another advantage of this application is able to classify unknown numbers in to nine types, namely trusted numbers, debt collection company numbers, lottery prizes, surveys, advertisements, terror, money fraud, telemarketing, and missed calls.


8. Eyecon

In general, the features found in Eyecon are similar to the Truecaller apps, which is to filter out unknown foreign numbers that call the users. What differentiates Eyecon from the Truecaller program is that users may attach images to international phone numbers that have been put into the database of this application. This feature is not available in the Truecaller application.

Best Mobile Phone Number Tracking Apps for Android & iOS - Eyecon
photo credit : Play Store Google

In addition, this application can also be connected to the user’s social media accounts, such as their Facebook account. As a result, you will be able to view the name, photo, and Facebook account of the number that called you.

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