17 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2022

Best Free Wallpaper Applications
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It’s easy to find the suitable wallpaper for your Android Phone now because there are so many lists of the Best Free HD Quality Wallpaper Apps available on the Google Play Store today.

People get tired of looking at the same Wallpaper on their phones or tablets. But who wants to spend hours looking through Google Images or old photos to find the right background? With so many free wallpaper apps for Android on the Google Play store, there’s no need to spend hours looking for the right one.

Are you often changing wallpapers but having trouble finding the right one? No need to worry, because this time, we will present recommendations for cool HD quality wallpaper download applications for Android phones.

Actually, smartphone brands have provided their own theme store that makes it easy for users to download available wallpapers. But usually, there are not many interesting wallpapers to put on the screen.

You don’t need to worry; in the Play Store, there are many applications to download the best HD wallpapers that you can use to add cool Android phones. Here, Trendicity has summarized the best applications so you can find cool HD wallpapers for your favorite Android phone.

Best Android Wallpaper Applications List in 2022


1. Minimalist Wallpaper

Best Android Wallpaper App - 1. Minimalist Wallpaper

As the name implies, Minimalist Wallpaper is suitable for those of you who are looking for HD wallpapers for Android phones with a minimalist design. There are many minimalist design wallpapers from various categories.

You can find recommendations for minimalist cellphone wallpapers with abstract themes, anime, animals, food and drink, games, love, movies, and many others.


2. Wallpapers

Best Android Wallpaper App - 2. Wallpapers

This application for the best wallpapers is made directly by Google. It seems that Google is also paying attention to the wishes of its users who are looking for quality images to be used as smartphone backgrounds.

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Uniquely, the various images available in Wallpapers are images collected from other Google services, such as Google+, Google Earth, and various other Google sources.


3. Walli

Best Android Wallpaper App - 3. Walli

Walli can be a solution to find cool HD wallpapers for your Android phone. Walli also provides wallpapers from various categories.

What makes the collection of wallpapers available in the Walli app interesting is that they are works of artists around the world, so the quality is guaranteed to be guaranteed.


4. Tapet

Best Android Wallpaper App - 4. Tapet

Tapet provides a large collection of high-resolution wallpapers that you can use as a background on your smartphone. Wallpapers that you download via Tapet are automatically adjusted to the smartphone screen resolution.

Tapet does not download wallpapers from the internet but presents them through an algorithm on a smartphone. This cellphone wallpaper application can also make your Android cellphone even cooler, thanks to HD images that change automatically.


5. AmoledPix

Best Android Wallpaper App - 5. AmoledPix

AmoledPix gives you a wide selection of wallpapers for smartphones that have AMOLED screens. So do not be surprised if the Wallpaper provided has a high resolution.

The developer AmoledPix promises that the app provides new Wallpaper every day so that users are always presented with fresh wallpaper content.


6. Walpy – Wallpapers

Best Android Wallpaper App - 6. Walpy – Wallpapers

The next recommendation is called Walpy Wallpapers. This application will provide many cool wallpapers that you can use to beautify the appearance of your smartphone.

Even more interesting, Walpy Wallpapers provides new images every day. Of course, this makes users have many choices that can be used.

For those of you who are interested in trying it, you can download this application for free through the Google Play Store.


7. Cute Wallpapers

Best Android Wallpaper App - 7. Cute Wallpapers

As the name implies, Cute Wallpapers provides a large selection of cute, cool wallpapers to use on your smartphone.

The Cute Wallpapers application provides hundreds of HD wallpapers that are certainly cool and high resolution. The various wallpapers available are guaranteed to make your smartphone look more adorable.

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8. Walldrobe

Best Android Wallpaper App - 8. Walldrobe

Walldrop provides many wallpapers of high quality. All wallpapers can be used for free.

This cool 2022 wallpaper application also has a feature that allows users to change wallpapers automatically. Users can get a different wallpaper display every day.


9. Aesthetic Wallpapers

Best Android Wallpaper App - 9. Aesthetic Wallpapers

The next good recommendation is Aesthetic Wallpapers. Like the others, this app provides a stock of cool and aesthetic Android wallpapers that you can use.

Many categories of wallpapers are available, and you can choose according to your taste. This Wallpaper can not only be used on smartphones but also on tablet devices.


10. Pastel Wallpapers

Best Android Wallpaper App - 10. Pastel Wallpapers

If you like the look of wallpapers with soft colors, you can try the various wallpapers provided by the Pastel Wallpaper application.

The appearance of the application is also quite friendly and guaranteed to make it easier for you to find the desired wallpaper. If there is a wallpaper that you like, you can share it with friends or directly on social media.


11. Zedge

Best Android Wallpaper App - 11. Zedge

The next best wallpaper download application is Zedge. This application provides lots of cool wallpapers that you can use for your favorite Android phone. Zedge provides many categories of wallpapers that you can download according to your taste.

Interestingly, Zedge not only provides static wallpapers but also live wallpapers that will move and make the display on the smartphone screen look even cooler.


12. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Best Android Wallpaper App - 12. Muzei Live Wallpaper

You can rely on Muzei Live Wallpaper to find moving wallpapers. Surely you are bored with static wallpapers that just sit still on the screen.

This application provides a lot of live wallpapers that will make the smartphone screen look more crowded and not monotonous.


13. Kappboom

Best Android Wallpaper App - 13. Kappboom

The next best wallpaper app for Android is Kapboom. This application provides many wallpapers with HD resolution that look clear.

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Kappboom has a large collection of wallpapers that you can download and use to enhance the appearance of your smartphone.


14. Backdrops

Best Android Wallpaper App - 14. Backdrops

Next, there is an application called Backdrops. This application provides wallpapers with high quality and resolution.

Backdrops provide lots of wallpapers that are updated regularly. So you will always be presented with the latest collections that are different.

This best Android wallpaper application also provides a subscription feature, which allows you to get access to a collection of premium wallpapers made by the creators who join the application.


15. Anime X Wallpaper

Best Android Wallpaper App - 15. Anime X Wallpaper

Anime lovers and want to make your favorite anime characters like Naruto or One Piece as Wallpaper on your smartphone? You can easily find it through the Anime X Wallpaper application.

This application provides lots of anime-themed HD wallpapers. The quality of the Wallpaper presented also has a high resolution. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the Wallpaper that is presented.


16. Cool Wallpaper

Best Android Wallpaper App - 16. Cool Wallpaper

Cool Wallpaper is an application that provides many cool wallpapers with HD resolutions of up to 4K. This wallpaper can be used to beautify the home screen and lock screen.

The wallpaper collection in Cool Wallpaper is also updated regularly. These wallpapers can be saved or shared with other friends.


17. Wallcraft

Applications to find smartphone wallpapers, the next one is Wallcraft. This application provides lots of wallpapers with HD resolutions of up to 4K.

Wallcraft also provides various categories that you can choose according to your taste. There is also a dynamic wallpaper option where the image can move around.

So, those were the 17 best wallpaper apps that we recommend for you to choose from. In our opinion, all of them are good, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Please choose according to your taste.


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