TVNext Summit

Hill Holliday's, TVnextSM Hack, in partnership with Mashery, is a premiere television industry hackathon open to developers and APIs. Come build the future of TV.

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April 27-April 28, 2013
$10 Early Bird ($25 after April 1st)
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Prizes: $2500 Grand Prize + a selection of Gift Cards | iPads | iPad Minis | Tablets | Premium Swag | Featured in blog posts | Jamboxes | Google TVs & more

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TVnext Hack's five categories (plus a "best in show") span the social TV space each with a specific use case. In determining category winners, our judges want to see both innovation and value – solutions that haven't already been done before or makes something that exists remarkably better in a way that appeals to mass audiences.

Best use of Play Along, Check-in/Loyalty

Telebet - Dean Dieker & JP Bonner

This app lets users place wagers with Viggle points on what’s going to happen at different parts of television shows.

Best use of Multiple APIs

Who Am I – David Townsend, Edward Wing & Billy Tobon

This app is like a “video draw something” where one user impersonates their favorite television character in a video and then other players guess which character the person was trying to be from a variety of choices.

Best use of Sync-to-Broadcast

Twivo - Jennie Lamere

This app helps users to remain spoiler free by blocking all Twitter references to a selected show until they’re ready to view.

Best Use of Music or Video

TVTime - Praveen Aravamudham

This app lets children earn points in order to watch television shows by answering math questions and engaging in other educational activities.

Best use of Stats, News or Information

Smalltalkr - Kyle Nichols-Schmolze, Marshall Weir and Andrew Sohn

This second-screen mobile app is designed for people who don’t know anything about sports and works by using closed-captioning data, then mining Twitter and the news to present users with clever things to say to their sports-fan friends.

Best in Show

Twivo - Jennie Lamere

This app helps users to remain spoiler free by blocking all Twitter references to a selected show until they’re ready to view.

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Saturday — April 27

09:00 AM


  • Jeff Boulay
    Jeff Boulay
    Hill Holliday
    Mike Proulx
    Mike Proulx
    Hill Holliday - SVP & Director of Digital Strategy
09:05 AM


  • Chuck Freedman
    Chuck Freedman
    Cass Sapir
    Cass Sapir
    Thumbs Up
09:20 AM

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Team forming

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09:00 PM

Go rest or enjoy Boston

Sunday — April 28

09:00 AM

Coding resumes

09:05 AM


12:00 PM


02:00 PM

Deadline to submit

03:00 PM

Coding ends

03:05 PM

App demos start (5 mins each)

04:15 PM

Category judging

04:45 PM

Category awards

06:30 PM

Winner/VIP dinner reception

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